Mar 3, 2020 11:56:03 AM

Time to balance the Brain!

Time to balance the Brain! - featured image



The brain needs balance for development

All the memory tasks and “do-overs” in the world will not develop the brain patterns of thinking, expressing and expanding.

Many special needs children, particularly those in the Autism Spectrum, are subject to repetitive tasks, some with hand-over-hand as their main operative developmental tool. These do serve a very important purpose. The brain’s intellectual part of the overall child’s ‘behavioural’ profile needs repetition. This helps in areas of daily activity skill with time dependencies and also for safety aspects. Assimilating what is safe and unsafe to do etc. Then why is this not sufficient?

In the brain, when we repeat, contrast and correct, it learns to use minimal ‘facilitation’. Which means most of the brain lies unused in order to simplify the pattern. Over time, the neurons are ‘suppressed’ for other abilities, in favour of the easier, simplified processing. Simply put…Much of the brain’s capabilities for emotion, physical and metaphysical remain underdeveloped.

...Researchers have demonstrated that children with Autism who have undergone extensive “behavioural training”, which works in the areas of suppression, have reduced memory for complex thinking, cognitive organization and poorer spatial awareness.  ...This has a profound negative effect on social function, sensory management and physical motor development. There is recent appreciation for researching the effects of suppressive brain training and the development of the overall brain…which ultimately affects behaviour.

A brain-based model approach to overall ‘excitation’ of the areas of the brain to facilitate expression, motor skills, creativity, spirituality and problem solving is very necessary for all children especially those with special needs…particularly Autism!


Brains are like a blank canvas, ready to show something great.

~ Kids in the AGP

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