Mar 3, 2020 11:39:58 AM

Injuries - can be a starting commitment to Prescribed Exercise

When was the last time you HURT yourself?

was it by accident? Of course it was; as we do not usually seek to cause ourselves harm or pain, in fact most of us spend quite a bit of energy (or not) to avoid it.

All injuries that affect the muscles or ligaments or bones/joints of the body have a similar reasons for occurring...too much force:

1.  Strain a muscle past its capacity to provide force

2.  Too much force on a body part can cause a bone to break or a joint to sublux or dislocate

3.   In a joint, to much torsion (rotational force) can cause damage to a ligament (connects bone to a bone)

this being said...we can PREVENT injuries through increasing strength, stability and balance in our muscles and joints.  Everyday movement ie. walking is not at all sufficient to increase prevention against force produced injuries.  As mentioned before, we SIT a great deal and basic force requirements in the body are vulnerable because of being sedentary.

A Registered Kinesiologist or Physiotherapist who is knowledgeable and experienced with strength training and corrective exercise methods would be helpful in improving force production in your body. 

If you have ever injured a muscle or joint, whether you are a dancer, labourer, child athlete or office worker it is not fun!   Treatment after the fact is important. Prevention at the same time and thereafter is imperative; to increase your force production. Commit to a prescribed corrective exercise regime with a professional.

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

~ Swedish proverb

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