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Exer-rest; A game changer for some people

Exer-rest; A game changer for some people - featured image

The Exer-rest device (WBPA) is a game-changerHappy businessman in casual cloth sitting at the table and spinning ball in office

…for those who are unable to move enough to create circulation similar to exercise. Also, for those who suffer after exercise due to pain caused by inflammation.

What is WBPA – Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Therapy?

According to NIMS (the creators of the Exer-rest device and WBPA), “it is a non-invasive, drug-free technology for management of conditions or diseases that are marked by chronic inflammation and/or increased oxidative stress”

What is the device, and what is WBPA designed to do?

Essentially creates the effects of exercise without the person doing it themselves!

Exercise also has side-effects such as increased oxidative stress which is normally handled within the body’s metabolism. This can cause over tightness, fatigue and soreness. In cases where an individual does not have ‘good’ capacity to manage these, the WBPA eliminates the oxidative stress component, and therefore reduces tightness, fatigue and soreness.

The device itself is a durable ‘bed-like’ design with an onboard hydraulic system and computer to coordinate the prescribed movement. The person lies on their back in comfort while the device moves at varying rates in a horizontal direction. The minimum treatment for positive effect is about 20mins.

The WBPA concept was originally developed for post-stroke and cardiovascular rehabilitation.  Its positive effects on heart protection are well documented, especially for those who cannot move enough. It was also conceived with similarities noted to another concept – ‘hippotherapy’ – on horses (for treatment of spasticity in cerebral palsy) and also like ‘rocking a child to sleep’.

The useful purpose - a game changer for most with chronic neurological and/or developmentalVertical with a disabled man with crutches conditions (CP, NMD, CF, movement disorders) and progressive disorders (such as MS, Parkinson's) and autoimmune/autoinflammatory conditions (such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia) and acquired conditions (such as ABI’s, TBI’s, Stroke) anyone in a wheelchair for whatever reason.

Many people have claimed that it has eliminated pain after exercise, decreased spasticity, decreased seizure frequency, eliminated tremors, improved overall brain clarity, felt better and more vibrant afterwards.

See further information on the ‘Exer-rest’ and WBPA on this link: Exer-rest

The WBPA is contraindicated for those who are pregnant or who suffer with unexplained leg pain, skin eruptions, or who have unstable spinal injuries (herniated disc, vertebral fracture). Those who cannot tolerate the position/motion for the duration of a treatment are also excluded.



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