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7 Remarkable Effects of Using the "Exer-rest" device. A 12 year review

7 Remarkable Effects of Using the

What is a person “to do” while living with a disability that keeps them from standing or walking? OR what about an autoimmune disease that causes pain?  OR a neurological disorder that prevents their body from feeling relaxed or stretched?

Understandably, there are now more medications for the management of *symptoms associated with poor circulation, pain, and seizures, but what about improving ‘mobility' or exercise recovery? Most people feel labelled as part of the neurological disease or condition… However we do not have to become the disease!

This is difficult while managing everyday.😁

Why not take some progressive action? But what action?

An important, successful treatments that provides numerous benefits to those with disabilities that affect ambulation (walking/movement), pain and recovery is:

WBPA Whole Body Periodic Acceleration therapy (or the "Exer-rest" device)

At the BODiWORKS Institute we have been humbly using this device for assisting those with various conditions, disabilities and challenges.

In review of about 12 years of our work with this device we present 7 remarkable effects:

1. Relaxation of tight or spastic muscles

In persons with Cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, MS, Acquired brain injury and some spinal cord injuries we noted significant changes to lower limb (calf and feet), mid limb (inner thigh, quads and hamstrings), abdominal wall, erectors of the spine and lower arms and hands. These changes come in the form of relaxation - reduced spasticity. In some cases we have seen hands completely open when they were clenched in the beginning, legs "unscissored", elbows in flexed angle and completely resting at the side, reduced scoliosis, back extensors relaxing.  We have noted both a short term effect and long term (over 6months) effect where the participant sees less spasticity on their own as well. Daily activities and mobility are greatly improved.

2. Reduced Pain post-exercise Chronic Pain - Printed Diagnosis with Red Pills, Injections and Syringe. Medical Concept with Selective Focus.

Improving recovery is absolutely essential for anyone suffering from chronic pains or autoimmune diseases. Regular use of the "Exer-rest" device has proven an essential tool for recovery from efforts made in the gym through exercise.  Normally, DOMS(delayed onset muscle soreness) can contribute to some muscle aches and pains for those who exercise vigorously. For those with chronic pains or autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis, it can be excruciating during and after exercise. This tool helps buffer the oxidation that leads to DOMS and mitigates its effects, therefore no pains, and all the benefits.  Participants speak of feeling well, relaxed, calm, stronger and able to carry on the day.

3. Improvement of motor control

Due to the device's effects on improving microcirculation and neuro-circulation (ie. to the brain), we have seen improvements in motor control after treatment.  Such things as catching a ball, grasping, ability to walk more efficiently, foot reflex improvements, strength in; stepping, pulling, pushing.  For those with tremors (as in PD) there is has been good evidence and experience showing reduced tremors after treatment which allowed for motor activities to be more effective.Young beauty doctor working in rest homeWBPA has the potential to maintain the levels dopamine in patients with PD 

4. Decreased Stress/Anxiety feeling

In general this effect is less quantitative and observable, but has equal value.  In both a preparatory use and a recovery use the "Exer-rest" can help elicit relaxation feelings, much like actual movement exercise but without the added stressors of oxidation. Participants have reported on given days they felt at a rating of about a 8 or 9/10 in terms of anxiety and stress due to their associated conditions and life events. Thereafter (about 25mins treatment) they reported feeling a rating of 3 or 4 /10 in the same terms. Many participants have opted to use the device for this reason alone. It helps "shift" your feeling.

5. Enhanced recovery post-stroke and/or heart disease conditions

WBPA has been proven scientifically to induce eNOS production in the blood stream because of its motion effect. This increase has been shown to increase endothelial cell activation which has an important protective role in ischemic injury recovery.  The WBPA method can be safely prescriptive and graduate improvement quickly.  In those who have suffered a stroke or cardiac event, the "Exer-rest" can be a safe, preparatory tool for those graduating to activity and circulation improvements.  The physician inventor of this device first intended its use to be therapeutic for those recovering from stroke and heart events. NIH research article on WBPA and heart

6. Reduced Joint Tension

Perhaps one of the most obvious improvements we have witnessed is the change in range of motion in aPortrait of a man having a back pain against a white background participants joints. Specifically the knees, hips and lumbar spine.  Increased micro-flexibility is due to the receptors within the tendons and muscles being positively activated by the repetitive movement at a certain range of travel(can be adjusted for on the Exer-rest), which then causes any tension to relax around the joints. Participants have reported feeling looser, more energy, less compression and more range after treatments.

7. Reduced seizure frequency

We have noted significant changes for participants who have diagnosed seizure disorders/conditions.  One, we have documented with teens and adults who have a seizure frequency in ranges of 1-10 per month (most petit mal) and two, those with grand mal in the range of 1-2 per month have seen decreases of approximately 80% over a 3 month process with the Exer rest. That being said, we have no scientific correlation except that the WBPA will increases brain blood flow and eNOS to about 180% of normal over a 20 mins treatment which contributes to an improvement in function for most. One participant did not have a seizure from the onset for the entire treatment period of 7 months, where normally it was about 3 per month!

WBPA (or Exer-rest) has been shown to aid persons with disabilities affecting ambulation. WBPA increases vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels) through an increase in eNOS (nitric oxide) into the blood stream. This NO helps facilitate neuro-relaxation through specific neurotransmitter's excitation. This has the effect of reducing fatigue, enhancing motor performance (movement), reducing spasticity/muscle tension, recovery and overall mental awareness. Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Therapy (WBPA) is a recognized, non-invasive, and promising therapy for a diverse and growing list of disorders. Such as CP, PD, seizure disorders, ABI and neuropathies.

The most common comments we have from people using the WBPA is "they love it" and it "feels great" after the treatment.

According to Dr.M.Sackner (inventor of the WBPA), WBPA increases the amount of brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) protein and glial neurotropic factor (GDNF) protein in animals. BDNF is a growth factor that supports the differentiation of neurons and aids in function of the hippocampus (helps memory and brain function). GDNF aides in survival of dopaminergic neurons and motor neurons, which die in patients with PD (Parkinsons). Therefore, by increasing BDNF and GDNF,

The WBPA is a very important aspect to treatment and the symptom management process, especially for those who do not have good or any mobility.



Young physiotherapist exercising with elder disabled personFor the mobility challenged, Exercise prescription can be the best bet for any improvement in strength and to reduce motor and non-motor symptoms. It does take about 4-6months on average to notice improvements however the benefits to overall independence and personal well-being are immeasurable.

The WBPA (Exer-rest)+ Exercise prescription have proven to be an empowering combination for treating disabilities and improving functions; therefore quality of life!



If there is something I can do to improve, then I will try.

~ anon client

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