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Pain free spine health - oh My back hurts!!

Pain free spine health - oh My back hurts!! - featured image

Spinal health is critical to maintain pain free and ease in mobility throughout the whole body. This is what we at Bodiworks aim to restore with our patients. For example, osteopathic techniques helps relieve the pain and improve spinal health for many of our patients.

Moreover, in regards to osteopathic techniques, osteopathic manual practitioners like myself can help patients improve their neck and low back problems which are common ailments.

Pain exists in the spine by these factors:
  • poor posture especially in long durations,
  • overuse,
  • improper lifting and movements especially when you are off balance,
  • slips and falls onto the back,
  • sports and playing injuries,
  • car and work accidents,
  • abnormal alignment such as scoliosis and
  • natural degeneration over time.

Pain usually occurs where the spinal cord or the nerve roots that off shoot the spinal cord become compressed. It can be due to the space between the vertebrae decreasing via muscle tightness, swelling, bone build up and mal-alignment of the spine.

I would alleviate these causes by releasing these tight muscles, doing a traction and holding it to promote a wider joint space, by gentle stretching and massage to decrease the swelling, and by manually moving the vertebrae to its proper position.

Specifically, I can help alleviate spinal injuries such as bulging discs, disc degeneration, and bone loss by reopening the blood and nerve supply to the spine. This reopening of these pathways to the spine are completed through releasing the structures that impede their flow. Once completed, I and our Kinesiologists can help keep these pathways remain open through exercises that strengthen the surrounding structures and help provide the best position of healing and health.

Digital composite of Highlighted spine of man with back painA primary example is a patient whom I am currently treating who has a bulging disc. The osteopathic techniques that I have employed has produced pain relief, increased mobility and improved sensation in the spine and affected leg. Overall, this patient has experienced decreased pain in that they can now work longer than previously.

Another common problem that we treat at Bodiworks are tight necks from stress and poor posture. Many patients have benefited from osteopathic techniques geared towards releasing the tension in the neck, thereby decreasing pain and increasing mobility.Woman suffering from stress or a headache grimacing in pain as she holds the back of her neck with her other hand to her temple, with copyspace

In the end, spinal health is essential to an optimal functioning body. Osteopathic techniques aim to meet this goal by helping the body achieve an optimal posture leading to an optimal functioning - and of course YOU feeling BETTER!!


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